Finished with our First Periodicals :). Back to FOSS, waiting what we will start today…and it’s SCRATCH.

Well we got on with using Scratch, it’s basically use of different algorithms and design a game or something u want to. It’s a really fun way to get used to Algorithms. We made some projects and then tried out new cool stuffs, and then uploaded our projects in our GOOGLE GROUP :).

Fish Catching Game 🙂

1 month before End Sem\m/ : Foss club full of energetic 1st years, all done with Linux commands and doing Bandit. Rahul sir and all the faculties are present today. ‘So somethings up for today’, and they announced we are all going to make our own game, using MIT Software Scratch, we were all excited as we will be designing our own game. We were explained the basics of the Scratch software, using algorithms and making the “Sprite” (the character, eg. the fishes and objects in the image above) do many things.

Scartch Motto with Sprite[b]

So this is the Motto of Our Foss Club and Scratch and all the programmers around the world.

Here’s an image as to how Scratch Interface looks like.

Scratch Interface v1.4 [c]
Scratch dimensions[d]

Further Guidelines are here 🙂 [1]

So here’s an algorithm as to what we did:

All the basics were explained to us and our first assignment was given, it was making a static game, consisting of a cat and some cookies here and there and we need to eat it and the score will increase. This sounds difficult when we think of how will we be able to conquer this challenge? But it was really fun and easy as we joined the blocks of the algorithm going on in our minds, as to how the game will look and how will it work. Even small things had to be considered in writing the algorithm, as even a small mistake or a jump in single step would lead to many funny things going on. Firstly when I started building the algorithm blocks it was like Start, Do this, Do that… Then changing the background, giving graphics to it, and after sometime the game was looking perfect and ready for playtime. I clicked on the play button, a small green flag on the top corner  . And got my first bug :P, the sprite when moved with the help of arrow keys is rotating as well as moving. After sometime got to know that whenever we give movement we need to align it’s movement axis.

This is the snapshot of our first project :).

Screenshot from 2013-02-01 19:35:00
Cookie Eating project

This was pretty difficult in the beginning, getting used to the features of the software. But after few tries I was able to understand what we have to do, how we should approach a problem. In this software we are learning the most important fundamentals of programming, Algorithm. In the beginning it would be like some high level term, but it’s nothing but simple step by step approach to an action of how should one carry on the task or process. We need algorithm inorder to program something in computer. As we all know that computer is a machine, it needs order or commands from the user. For this, algorithm is very important, we need to program it step by step, including even common and simple commands like start and stop.








2 thoughts on “Introduction to Scratch @ FOSS

  1. Hi Jackson
    Your post on Scratch is really nice but I would love to see you elaborating it a lil bit more. Maybe telling more about how you created the game as you mentioned , talking about the basic algorithms you learnt ,would make it more insightful.
    Keep pressing.
    Good luck!


  2. Yup I am just blogging for some time, posting whatever comes to my mind, it’s not particular one post only. I have to rewind and think everything, which I will be adding on from time to time 🙂
    Thanks for your feedback. \m/


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