[GSoC 2015] Community Bonding

Hola amigos, Google Summer of Code results were announced on 27th April, 2015 and I was one of the selected students. After the results the "Community Bonding" period starts till 25th May, 2015. What is Community Bonding? In Community Bonding, we get to know more about the project, mentor(s), other developers, etc. It is a … Continue reading [GSoC 2015] Community Bonding

Introduction to Scratch @ FOSS

Finished with our First Periodicals :). Back to FOSS, waiting what we will start today...and it's SCRATCH. Well we got on with using Scratch, it's basically use of different algorithms and design a game or something u want to. It's a really fun way to get used to Algorithms. We made some projects and then … Continue reading Introduction to Scratch @ FOSS