TechUp Amrita ’14: Week 1

This post was intended to be posted sometime back but due to technical issues I am posting my updates now and henceforth will try to keep posting every week with my updates šŸ˜› TechUp Amrita is an application development competition organized by our Alumni (from Amritapuri campus) where we can choose our own domain (Android, … Continue reading TechUp Amrita ’14: Week 1


FOSSMeet ’14: A Speaker’s Dairy

HolaĀ Amigos! Some of our mates missed theĀ FOSSMeet @ NIT-CĀ this year and wanted to know about the same. So here it goes from a Speaker's POV (that's me šŸ™‚ talking on 'Contributing to GNOME-Music'): As usual everything happened at theĀ last-minute. I was in Data Structure's lecture when they call me and tell that you have to … Continue reading FOSSMeet ’14: A Speaker’s Dairy

An hour Meditating at the Beach…!!!

Today's day was full of different things. In the morning it was ECE extra class, too sleepy. Then came to the lab, and then after that there was a session on physics problem solving by Prof.Ganesh Sundaram. And after a tiring day our mentor, Vipin Sir asked us about the feedback about the extra activities … Continue reading An hour Meditating at the Beach…!!!