This is my journey of FOSS, actually my whole academic life.

1994-2009:School life went so fast, first it was sleeping till late and then afternoon school and coming in evening and in uniform only used to play cricket and all the games known to us. It was the best time of life at this point of time, at that time I wanted the time to go fast and goto college, work, etc. And time went by really fast days went by like hours.

2009-2010:Then it was already last year of school life, and maybe that was the best time of school life, All the practicals, assignments, and the fun we had. We used to play catch catch in the class with the foil we used to bring food in, changing places during lectures, commenting, teasing, and the main thing sleeping :P. Waiting for computer labs, and specially Friday, so we sleep two days straight. And then there came time to fill in board exam forms, and the last day of our school (lectures for namesake) and then there was Christmas celebration, we all had a paper plate tagged to our shirts and we danced to the music in circles, and when it stopped the person adjacent to you wrote what he/she thought about us, it was really fun. Then the year 2010 came and time for Farewell \m/ and then prelims (if anyone cared about it).

2010-2012: So I am into college, First day all lectures attended, maybe. From next day only practicals attended, and well lectures totally empty. Thought this was the best time, but as time passed by days got boring and more boring, getting up at 6:00AM, going classes, and sleeping there too :). So First year passed by, now in 12th, having a great time bunking classes and all the time in front of computer playing poker or mobile, playing and downloading all the apps one could find. Now this year too passed by somehow, thanks to our college that no exams were conducted, prelims was conducted which was not compulsory, did not even received the papers. Somehow started studying that too with VH1 going on the Television, and the countdown began for the Final Board Exams. Got a booklet containing all the papers from previous years.

During Exams: Television still going on, am on the sofa, books everywhere, slept with books open, don’t even remember what happened. Then suddenly It’s Exam and an Adrenaline rush in my body, blasted off like a rocket and studied somehow.

It’s already 10:00PM, portion only half done, Took the previous year papers and searching for answers, Voilà! many questions are repeating and they have a certain pattern maybe I can atleast get passing marks with them.

In exam hall: All set and waiting for the papers to be distributed, All science students nearby, thought maybe I can pass now, got the Question paper and maybe the pattern thing worked, most questions repeated from previous years, now got a scope for better marks \m/.

Exams over, mobile after using for 4 years, Guess which lasted so long (and its ‘Nokia’) :). Got a iPhone 4s, Entrance exams just on the edge, and I thought will study really hard, well most of the time went by playing awesome games on iPhone. Tests going on in classes, studied really hard but still got low marks, confused with these silly options. Exam time came once again, Amrita entrance, easy questions, completed in one hour, What to do now? So started solving extra questions, what difference will some marks make. But after result i realized what even 0.1% also means and how it can make a huge difference.

And finally am here at “Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham” 🙂

First Semester. Just like a dream, becoming an engineer. I wanted to become a pilot, but ended up in an engineering college, that too such a beautiful college. So many facilities, career options,etc. First time I would have been in a library so big, and actually sitting and studying in library. Krishna Prasad Sir a.k.a KP sir was our Cultural Education faculty. Seeing our enthusiasm towards programming, he arranged special extra classes dealing with Linux commands and basic C Programming, which lead us to our FOSS club, where we use to sit after lectures till 2000 hrs and then go for dinner. And also we had to manage our studies which I used to do it after dinner, assignments and other classwork and homework given. And other topics which I couldn’t understand I used to focus on them during weekends, but weekends were also very busy as we used to sit in the lab after lunch till evening. Before exams, one or two weeks before, I used to stop going to lab and focus on academics. Yes, FOSS club was extra-curricular activities, nothing to do about our CGPA. But we used to be in the lab in-order to polish our minds and logic and improve our skills (typing, programming,etc) needed in outside world, when we would be working.


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