It’s been a quiet a while that I posted something.

Well in this post I am going back in time. Well not really, just recollecting the memoirs from few weeks before our 2nd Semester End Semester Examinations.

I was looking at notices everywhere, hoping to know when the exams are going to be conducted and when I’ll be going back Home. 🙂 And also about payment of fees. And there was this poster that caught my eyes and I was like, Oh it’s like awesome. At last I will get to learn something about these massive man-made marvel Air Planes and about it’s Landing gears and other Hydraulic like things. And for Cherry on the Cake, it was conducted by a professional instructor from Italy, employee of Lufthansa, Marco Sangiorgio. He is such a down-to-earth, very humble and friendly person. He was more of a friend than our Instructor. In-spite the lectures being extremely difficult and sometimes boring as the stuff that he was telling was like alien to me, it was fun in the end of the day. He would have taken lots of pain himself and go through some topics like Braking System, which I guarantee you, not an easy job to explain and also understand. He explained us again and again so many times that I can still visualize that he is standing in front of me and there is this big diagram and as he is explaining the hydraulic oil is flowing.

The session was about 3 hours for ten days continuously. After lectures I used to run to the mess have tea and reach the venue before time, so that I could discuss about Air Crafts in detail and also know how these massive machines work and difficulties faced during its maintenance and operation.

The Workshop conducted was about the landing gears, hydraulic pumps and other technical stuff of Airbus A-330/340. These two aircraft being almost the same except few minor differences at first look but later on we came to know how much difference can a minute change in design or production of a aircraft means in terms of money and also challenges faced. Eg. Boeing 787 used different types of battery in their aircraft which caused fire during flight time and many aircraft were being grounded that caused a lot of money.

First Day… : First day started off with usual introduction about airplanes and some cool videos. We enjoyed watching those awesome videos. Such huge massive machines taking off and landing and that too tonnes of weight of these massive machines supported by tiny landing gears and wheels obviously. But these videos were not the end nor the beginning, the real part was yet to come.

Days that followed :  Well actually speaking it was hard to keep track of time and also the time we slept in between the session. So this is about the few days that followed the introductory day… The aircraft has four hydraulic pumps, two on each side of the wings.


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