[How To]: Installing Fedora 21

Hola Amigos, Wishing all my Indian Readers a very Happy Republic Day šŸ™‚ \m/ Just got my hand on Fedora 21 Live Workstation iso. A delight for fedora users and a great new year gift šŸ˜‰ Fedora 21 comes in 3 different editions. 1. Workstation: For desktop and Laptop users. 2. Server: For enterprises having … Continue reading [How To]: Installing Fedora 21

How to Create a SSH Key for Git

Hola amigos, I will be going to show you how to create a SSH key for git so that you don't need to type your password again and again while pushing your local code. To check existing SSH keys in your machine run the following commands in the terminal: This will list all your keys … Continue reading How to Create a SSH Key for Git

Contributing to Open Source: First Bug Fix

Hey amigos! Well if you reached here by googling 'Bug fix' or similar, or are following me:). This might help you get started with contributing to Open Source or bug fixing. First of all I tried contributing to Debian, as I was already packaging for Debian-Diaspora. But later I found Debian a bit difficult in … Continue reading Contributing to Open Source: First Bug Fix

FOSSMeet ’14: A Speaker’s Dairy

HolaĀ Amigos! Some of our mates missed theĀ FOSSMeet @ NIT-CĀ this year and wanted to know about the same. So here it goes from a Speaker's POV (that's me šŸ™‚ talking on 'Contributing to GNOME-Music'): As usual everything happened at theĀ last-minute. I was in Data Structure's lecture when they call me and tell that you have to … Continue reading FOSSMeet ’14: A Speaker’s Dairy