Started off with doing some programming for FOSS club of my University “Amrita School of Engineering” 🙂
We started to try Linux commands in terminal…!!!

It was the first experience in using Linux commands and using terminal for me. I thought of Linux as a very difficult OS and used to get nervous so never tried it. Today i just started doing it on my own with whatever knowledge I got from the internet.

And without any help I started off and was pretty much enjoying it, completed level 1 and so on and the difficulty went on increasing.

I thought maybe it would be difficult to move to further levels but it was so fun that slowly and with lots of errors finally I completed each task.

I was stuck in some levels and messed up my terminal but started it back again. At one point i didn’t save my passwords for each level and had to start it all again and this time it was More Fun…!!!

I tried and tried and kept on trying new things i got some command but didn’t knew how to put it all together so got some help from, searching of new things online and trying it on our own is the best way to excel in Computer Science field.

Books can give you knowledge but not experience…!

So go on try new things.


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