Hola Amigos,

I recently registered for WiFi services at my university. As you know, universities have restrictions in internet usage and block social networking websites during college hours. As they are the local ISP (Internet Service Providers) they have their own portal to login whenever we connect to the WiFi. We need to register the MAC Address in their database with our login account then only can we access internet services.

They also have their own SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, so we need to add this certificate in our computer, else whenever we try to access any website for the first time; the browser will not be able to recognize the certificate used to sign the connection by the web server (i.e server at the university) and we will get an error saying “Error while connecting: Connection not Secure” or something similar and we need to add the certificate to the list of accepted certificate list.

Steps to add Certificate:

1: Download the SSL certificate from the university website (or contact the network administrator).

2: Now open the downloaded file (eg. Fortinet_CA_SSLProxy.cer)

3: Add the certificate to Keychain


Add Certificate to Keychain
Add Certificate to Keychain

4: Enter your password when you see the following prompt and Click on Update Settings

Update Settings Prompt
Update Settings Prompt

Happy surfing \m/

Let the Windows be open, and feel the Freedom.


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