Hola Amigos,

First Day started with first flight of 2015, actually two flight trips. Had to go from Trivandrum to Bangalore in one flight and then take another to Mumbai from there. It was an awesome journey.

Left from the hostel in the morning, as I reached the station I got a train to Trivandrum. Reached Trivandrum station in about 2 hours, had food over there at the station canteen. Then I took a prepaid auto to the airport. Flight was scheduled and on time. The journey from Trivandrum to Bangalore was of one hour as mentioned in the ticket, but IngiGo has a reputation of on time take-off and reaching earlier than the scheduled arrival time. As I got into the flight the pilot mentioned that we will cover a distance of about 140KM in about 50 minutes and I was happy I would get more time to see Bangalore airport as I already had to wait for 3 hours for my other flight from Bangalore.

As the flight landed in Bangalore, I saw it was GVK Bangalore International Airport :). Very big and lot of shops to roam around.I took my luggage and exited the airport, had a subway and entered through the other side. Very thorough checking over there. Tried to get a seat in the earlier flight but I would have to pay extra for the change so I thought why to spend extra just for a matter of few hours.

I checked-in my luggage and moved to the security check and then went to the departure zone. The infrastructure was amazing, lot of shops, eateries and crossword.

You might be wondering where are the pics. Well taking pics for each and everything is very common and so old-fashioned now, somethings are better left to our imagination (at-least then our brain would be working on creating the vision).

There was free Wi-Fi at the airport available for 45 minutes. I saw a guy who was trying to connect to WiFi and I went up to him and asked about the procedure. Later on he turned out to be DJ B.R.E.E.D (DJ Nasha).

Jackson with DJ Nasha
Jackson with DJ Nasha

Journey to Bangalore to Mumbai was of about 840KM and it took around 01 and a half hour to reach.

Let the Windows be open, and feel the Freedom.


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