In my previous post, I was talking about how scary Linux used to be for me as a kid, it has now become a part of me. Linux is the most efficient and the best operating system I have come across. It gives the freedom to do whatever we like and modify it according to our comforts. I use Ubuntu everyday, it’s like tea, without it the day won’t be complete. Windows is like, it never existed now, just as Orkut and many other things. The best of all remains forever like an immortal warrior. Linux has changed my life drastically, I have become a hardcore user of it, all thanks to use of Ubuntu in our university labs and everywhere 🙂 even our huge server and a large source of data, Vidya, and also our file-sharing space on server is managed on Ubuntu using Apache. Linux is like the Soul of a computer in this tech-savvy generation. Only with Unix, one can utilize the power of this “Dumb” machine (as we say) completely. For almost all Computer Engineers Linux has become part of their life. Without it a computer is lifeless or like a prisoner in a high-security jail. Linux is the Freedom of everyone.

Linux is Freedom[a]
Linux is Freedom[a]

[a] :


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