VIM – Developer’s Magic-Wand

I assume most of my blog visitors are familiar with Linux or Unix and FreeBSD. VIM is a very powerful editor for Linux and Unix based OS. It is pre-installed in most of the recent distros. VIM stands for "VI Improved", which is based on VI (used in command line interface). VIM can be used … Continue reading VIM – Developer’s Magic-Wand


Partition Resizing: Linux

Hey bloggers and readers 🙂 This post will help you to extend your Partition on a Linux System. (Thanks to koxbox) Here I will be demonstrating how to extend / parition by shrinking the /home partition and using some of it's space (WARNING: You may lose files if not CAREFUL!) --- HINT: Backup everything before … Continue reading Partition Resizing: Linux

Getting Started with Linux – Setting up Ubuntu

As we have completed Installing Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, it's time to set up it's repositories and environment. Don't be confused or scared of these terms. Repository is nothing but like a Database or in simple terms 'list' or refers to a storage location. In repository a.k.a 'repo ' in short all the list of applications … Continue reading Getting Started with Linux – Setting up Ubuntu

Getting started with Linux – Ubuntu Installation.

Hola! amigos. Here we begin with Getting started [Tutorials] with Installing Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 'Long Term Support' a.k.a "Precise Pangolin" which is a very stable OS as compared to other latest versions 12.10 and 13.04. First we need to download the iso file for Ubuntu 12.04, and don't worry it's Free of cost, virus free … Continue reading Getting started with Linux – Ubuntu Installation.