I assume most of my blog visitors are familiar with Linux or Unix and FreeBSD.

VIM is a very powerful editor for Linux and Unix based OS. It is pre-installed in most of the recent distros. VIM stands for “VI Improved”, which is based on VI (used in command line interface). VIM can be used either as a command line interface or as a standalone application in GUI.

You can modify the way vim works  as per your wish by editing the .vimrc file in the vim folder or simply place a .vimrc file with your code in the home folder. By modifying vimrc; you can add different syntax colors, automatic indentation as per the document type (.cpp, .html, etc). There are cool features in vim to cut/copy multiple lines navigate to end of line/file, and these things can be easily achieved just by using the keyboard. There is no need for the user to use the mouse to navigate in the file each and every time.

You can check out my .vimrc file here, where I have added lines, numbers, auto indent and mapping of keys from upper-case to lower-case (:wq), which helps a lot in long run.

Let the Windows be open, and feel the Freedom.


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