[OpenGL] Running OpenGL program on Mac OS X

नमस्ते Today I am going to show how you can run OpenGL programs on your Mac OS X through command line (Terminal.App). 1. Use the header file "GLUT/glut.h" and not "GL/glut.h" 2. main function should return an integer type value. E.g. 3. Run the program by using the following command: We are passing -Wno-deprecated flag … Continue reading [OpenGL] Running OpenGL program on Mac OS X

VIM – Developer’s Magic-Wand

I assume most of my blog visitors are familiar with Linux or Unix and FreeBSD. VIM is a very powerful editor for Linux and Unix based OS. It is pre-installed in most of the recent distros. VIM stands for "VI Improved", which is based on VI (used in command line interface). VIM can be used … Continue reading VIM – Developer’s Magic-Wand

Linux experience @Overthewire.org

Started off with doing some programming for FOSS club of my University "Amrita School of Engineering" 🙂 We started to try Linux commands in terminal @overthewire.org...!!! It was the first experience in using Linux commands and using terminal for me. I thought of Linux as a very difficult OS and used to get nervous so never tried … Continue reading Linux experience @Overthewire.org