FOSSMeet ’14: A Speaker’s Dairy

Hola Amigos! Some of our mates missed the FOSSMeet @ NIT-C this year and wanted to know about the same. So here it goes from a Speaker's POV (that's me 🙂 talking on 'Contributing to GNOME-Music'): As usual everything happened at the last-minute. I was in Data Structure's lecture when they call me and tell that you have to … Continue reading FOSSMeet ’14: A Speaker’s Dairy


MiniDebConf @ FOSSMeet-NITC

This post is about the MiniDebConf held at FOSSMeet @ NIT-C. 22ndFebruary 2013: 2100 hrs We are all here at the MiniDebConf. Debian team, Akhilan, Shirish and Praveen, enters the lab, and we had a brief discussion about Debian. They introduced about Debian, how they contributed for the native Malayalam version of Debian and also … Continue reading MiniDebConf @ FOSSMeet-NITC