OSFY: Top 10 Music Players

This is my first article for Open Source For You (OSFY) magazine. Here is a raw version of the article. Those who didn't subscribe to OSFY or doesn't know about it don't worry, feel free to read the article attached in this post. This article is about the Top 10 open source music players. I … Continue reading OSFY: Top 10 Music Players

Getting Started with P2PU: Webmaking 101 #1 Introduce Yourself

It's been quite a time since my last post on account of exams and other academics. I have started with webmaking course on P2PU, A peer-to-peer University with loads of courses to take up. I came across this website from an email from OSFY(Open Source For You) India. You can Register for P2PU here. I … Continue reading Getting Started with P2PU: Webmaking 101 #1 Introduce Yourself

using line_profiler with python

This post will help you to use line_profiler for python (2.5.x) as well as python3 (python 3.x) line_profiler will help you to profile the time taken to execute each individual lines of code. The profiler is implemented in C via Cython, an optimizing static compiler for Python programming language as well as Cython programming language … Continue reading using line_profiler with python

Partition Resizing: Linux

Hey bloggers and readers 🙂 This post will help you to extend your Partition on a Linux System. (Thanks to koxbox) Here I will be demonstrating how to extend / parition by shrinking the /home partition and using some of it's space (WARNING: You may lose files if not CAREFUL!) --- HINT: Backup everything before … Continue reading Partition Resizing: Linux