Today’s day was full of different things. In the morning it was ECE extra class, too sleepy. Then came to the lab, and then after that there was a session on physics problem solving by Prof.Ganesh Sundaram. And after a tiring day our mentor, Vipin Sir asked us about the feedback about the extra activities we being doing and then he asked us whom all are interested in coming for meditation at the beach near ashram.
Meditation near beach during sunset.
We reached the beach at 1730 hrs, everyone had gathered there for meditation. Meditation sessions are everyday and right after that is Bhajan’s at 1830 hrs. Today after a very tiring day it was very great to meditate. It calmed the mind a lot, it was so relaxing that I even fell asleep in between. A devotee from New York took today’s session, as our Beloved Amma has gone on South Indian tour and then to Malaysia, then will return after 90 days.

When our Beloved Amma is in the Ashram, her presence is felt everywhere, there’s magic and positivity everywhere. People from every corner of the world come here to meet her. Amma is our Guru, our Spiritual leader, she is our source to knowledge. Amma knows everything about everyone. Better come to ashram sometime and meet her while she is here in the Ashram :).[1]

When Amma is here in the ashram, she takes the meditation class herself near the beach which is too great, we get Amma’s grace and the joy cannot be expressed without experiencing it yourself.

Amma during Meditation at beach.
Amma during Meditation at beach.[b]

Advantages of Meditation:

1. Relaxation of the mind.

2. Improved concentration and focus.

3. Expansive thinking and awareness.

4. Increased flexibility and range of motion.

5. Lubrication of Joints.

6. Toning of the muscles.

7. Increase of Oxygen in Blood.

8. Removes Toxin.

9. Heightens Immune System Through Antibody Production.

10. Improves Metabolic Rate.

11. Lowers Heart Rate.

12. Lowers Cholesterol and Lactate, chemicals associated with stress.

13. Normalizes Blood Pressure.

14. Improves Air Flow to Lungs, which results in easier breathing.

15. Increased Brain-Wave Coherence.

These are some advantages of meditation. For more information you can refer the link.[2]

[1] Biography of Amma


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