This post was intended to be posted sometime back but due to technical issues I am posting my updates now and henceforth will try to keep posting every week with my updates 😛

TechUp Amrita is an application development competition organized by our Alumni (from Amritapuri campus) where we can choose our own domain (Android, Unity, web platforms, etc) and we have to plan weekly tasks and they will be evaluating us on the tasks completed as well as we need to submit weekly reports, and update our blogs regularly (hmm, something reminds me of GSoC kinda thing).

Week 1 comprises of discussing the project with project mentors which the TechUp team allotted us as per our technology used for development.

Week 1 began from 2nd of June, 2014

Our team name is OOPS_United under the mentor-ship of P.P Rahul, our AndroGeek. He was traveling and my team was unstable and had to fix ’em up 😛

My idea for this competition was to create an application where people from different regions, speaking different languages can find it easy to manage local languages using our application (atleast basic pronunciation) while they are traveling to different places and also polish their own mother tongue (which nowadays youngsters are not fluent in and/or are not taught in schools, the so called “Generation Gap”).

This Android app will fill in this void and as almost everyone from rags to rich people are having atleast one android device within their family will help reach out a large community due to android’s popularity.

We also plan to add scriptures and ancient texts in the app with audio feedback where available and this will be done in different parts.

We will begin by creating the app layout and prepare it’s designs and then move on to requirements of the applications and provide maximum support for all devices. Wherever needed we will also make use of alternate technologies that provide the same feature and support for older versions of android.


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