You would have read about all the technical posts on my blog and some posts from pages of my life. Today I am gonna share something that was really great and something about way of living life and how to be happy.

We had a full day session by Manoj Bro…:) on an unknown secretive topic that none of us was aware of. I had lab exam in the afternoon session and was way too sleepy in the morning too. Our advisor, Ruphiny mam was standing outside the classroom and I thought that there might be some announcement or something. But to our surprise she said that the entire day would be off and we are going to have a session and attendance would be taken during the breaks in between the session.

There are two types of education: Education for Life and Education for Knowledge. Education is incomplete without learning about one’s own self and things about life.I feel lucky that my University teaches us these awesome things about Life and teaches and makes us strong to face challenges in life. Today we learnt the most important thing about our life: being happy and good. Our Manoj Bro even said that life in future is going to be really difficult and we need to be really strong to survive (survival of the strongest and fittest) and that this session would help us to face these challenges and problems.

We all went up to the SaH (Serve an Hour) room and sat eagerly and waiting to know what is going to happen. Everyone started predicting and something related to spirituality came up in everyone’s head. And actually it turned up a spirituality / laughter and enjoyment session. In the beginning some ashramite came inside and looked a bit strict and he was waiting for us to settle down and be completely silent. I slept off even after sitting on the front row, he was seeing me and the guy beside me woke me up and I saw him, he gave a smile and a thumbs up and I was like great he is not that strict or bad as it seemed in the beginning. I was trying to sleep again but no use now as I was awake and he was about to start and he kept on saying that he is just molding us for the session and that the session is yet to start. He started in a somewhat serious mood but later on he promised everyone that he would make us 99.9999% happy guaranteed and I didn’t believe him. But the moment he started I was like ROFL and I enjoyed the entire session. We all were like laughing and holding out stomach the whole day.

He was enacting stories, cracking jokes, calling himself as our BRO and not as sir. He was doing actions while speaking and narrating stories and it was like too great. He made us forget ourselves and we all were like LKG (Learning knowledge about GOD) as he defined LKG with respect to our age :P. He was very calm and happy from outside and inside and he did and said everything from his heart. He teased everyone and we all even enjoyed it. Initially not many people were interested but he was happy with the response from some of us and later on everyone was interactive. He said that his energy is in our response and I don’t know how but somehow it came out to be true. When we were responding with all our energy the mic was working fine but when there was some decline in our energy, the mic would not work properly sometimes.

He taught us 20 kinds of smile: zero smile, minus smiles and positive smiles. He taught us how to face challenges in life and be happy always and not every little hurdle is the end of life or our journey. He covered topics like Positive thinking, Acceptance, Finding satisfaction in whatever little we get, Living in the present moment and not living in past or the future, Spirituality, Meaning of life and the most important how to be happy and he literally made us laugh our stomach’s out. Everyone was massaging their cheeks (can’t even remember when was the last time we laughed this much).

We were not even bothered about if we were feeling thirsty or hungry, we were just enjoying being happy. He gives credit behind all this to AMMA (our spiritual GURU) and it was only because of her we were happy and enjoyed the day. Amma is the energy and power, and the reason for our happiness.

He narrated a small story too, talking about a guy trying to change the nation and committing suicide as he was not successful and asks God for one more chance and he would try to change the people of his state but again he commits suicide at a younger age than the earlier one. Then he again asks God for one more chance to try to change his family members but he dies as soon as he is born. Then he says to God that I failed to change others so I should now try to change myself and be a good person towards others and when I become happy and a better person then automatically the surrounding people would tend to change and become better person in life. I learnt from this that no matter what we should never expect anyone to change for us, in fact we should change ourselves and accept and be satisfied with whatever little we get.

He also showed us few videos (Tom & Jerry) and a small bay trying hard to get his water bottle on top of his play-set. This little kid taught us that we should never stop trying and at a certain point we would achieve our dreams. We should not let the past ruin our present and be sad, rather we should let go off the past and not also live in the future too, having ambition and goals are okay but we should not worry about them and rather live the present moment happily and whatever is meant to happen in our life will happen and we should not get tensed thinking about these things. We should control our thinking and not let thinking and our mind controlling us.

We had small games too in between and some serious issues came up too about this book that is full of lies and rubbish BS named Holy Hell. It is a shame that such books are coming up and people’s mindset are corrupted. There is a very high need to format people’s mind because it is filled with virus and corrupted data. And media supporting such things is never expected. It is only our media that is interested in false stories and lies rather than spreading love and peace and informative news to the mass.

One need to experience and live in presence of a GURU and that too someone like Amma who loves everyone unconditionally. No book can tell you about anything until you live and experience it yourself.

I can proudly say that I am lucky to be in presence of Amma and her mere presence in our life can make great things to happen with us. Only such great personalities can bring peace and harmony in our life.

It is only because of Amma that we are leaning such beautiful things about Life and getting a better view and idea about Life.


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