Music was maybe all in my blood. My Grandfather used to play Bulbul Tarang[1] and harmonica by himself and also my father learned to play guitar on his own referring books etc.

I got introduced to music while I was studying in VIth class, there was classes arranged by the school for arts and music. I was interested in musical instrument. I had no idea about any instruments at that time. I enrolled my name for Piano, I actually didn’t know for what I am giving my name. Then I got my first Keyboard, Casio SA-75.

Casio SA-75 : Casio is a well known and Globally renowned Brand for musical instruments, accessories, watches, etc. Casio has a wide range of keyboards too, ranging from as small as 3 octaves for beginners to full fledged 8 octave keyboards for musicians and professionals. I had a small 3 octave SA-75, but it was there by my side always and never let me down. It worked under all harsh situations too. I used to carry it with me like a small delicate baby in a fully packed bus to keyboard class and back home. It was there with me for not only beginner stage but it is still with me right now, and upto a certain limit I can fully utilize my skills and play some intermediate songs on it.

My first keyboard CASIO SA-75
My first keyboard CASIO SA-75

A key went out of tune too but still it would sound beautiful. I learnt my basics and intermediate level on this and also cleared my classical music exam with Ist class :). Then my interest for music increased more and more. It was time to go on to advanced level and then it was difficult to carry it around also as it was getting too old. And I didn’t want it to get damaged. So I thought of buying a full fledged 5 Octave keyboard.

It was a new journey to begin.

I visited many shops around Mumbai and also researched online. Then I found a perfect match in YAMAHA PSR-I425 with Indian beats and sounds and what not. It was a fully-featured mini Piano with many cool features. There was a Pitch wheel too which added to the songs I played.

YAMAHA PSR-I425 : YAMAHA too as CASIO is very well known and world renowned company. YAMAHA keyboards are preferred more over other brands as it has more features and has great sound output too. I fell in love with my PSR-425. It was not that stylish in looks but a keyboard/piano player would know it’s real beauty and value when one plays it.



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