Hola amigos and WhatsApp users 😉 ,

Android users constantly keep getting updates for almost all the applications in a matter of few weeks, months or even days. WhatsApp being one among them, and which expires after a few versions if you don’t update to the latest. This is not the issue with iPhone users though.

It keeps saying your whatsapp version is too old, it will expire in 14 days (and the countdown begins) 😛

Few weeks back I got this message, and I had to update to the latest version of whatsapp (this time I didn’t wait for it to expire before my net pack expires).

Though it has got a new camera shortcut (not working though; shows camera failed every time) placed along with the voice recorder in the chat box, it has introduced new bug for many users.

It was a great nuisance for me as I couldn’t share images in whatsapp. I tried clearing the cache, restarting the phone, sending the image through file manager/gallery share option; few of the common troubleshooting methods which to work fine for me in the past, but this time it was something else. I tried uninstalling all the apps and still it used to show failed to send image message.

Whatsapp failed to upload Image.
Whatsapp failed to upload Image.

After a long time and lot of trial and error I found out a way out of this or you can say an alternative method to share image on whatsapp.

Solution: Select Camera option from ‘Attachment option’ from the top right corner and in the Camera setting select a lower/least resolution and send the image.

Camera Resolution Option
Camera Resolution Option

Note: This worked well for me (Tested only on HTC Explorer). If you are still unable to send images, leave your problem in the reply and will find a fix for it soon 🙂

Let the Windows be open, and feel the Freedom.


2 thoughts on “[Android] Unable to send images after recent WhatApp Update

  1. Noth my husband and I never had that problem before until after the update. Even reducing the size of the picture, it is still and miss and hit. Works only sometimes, but 90% of the time we get either camera failed and/or out of memory. Tried everything suggested on other sites. Still the same problem…


    1. Steps that you can follow:
      1) Try clearing your application cache (especially web browser)
      2) Capture the images in lowest resolution possible and share via inbuilt gallery.
      3) Try to share some low resolution image downloaded from the internet.
      4) Check if you are able to upload video.
      5) Clear the old images and videos lying in the chat history which takes up a lot of memory.
      6) Clear unwanted chats (they can take up all your inbuilt memory).

      If these things don’t work, please specify which step didn’t work and status of your inbuilt memory when you tried.

      Note: Do not use the camera shortcut button in the char box (it’s buggy).

      Hope this helps you 🙂


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