[Android] Fix Rendering Issues in Android Studio

नमस्ते While creating a new android project using Android Studio I came across a Rendering error when I try to open the 'Design tab' on any layout xml file. Solution: Open up the styles.xml file. It would be under res/values/ folder in your app directory. Change the following line to Here, we have added Base … Continue reading [Android] Fix Rendering Issues in Android Studio


[WhatsApp]: WhatsApp Calling Coming Soon !!!

Hola Amigos, There have been lot of recent updates to WhatsApp recently which I have blogged about previously. It's time for the most waited feature in WhatsApp. Guess ? After going through the WhatsApp folder in sdcard I noticed 'WhatsApp calls' folder meaning... It is Calling feature that WhatsApp is going to be rolled out … Continue reading [WhatsApp]: WhatsApp Calling Coming Soon !!!

[WhatsApp]: Disable Read Receipts

Hola amigos, I had previously posted about the Blue ticks in WhatsApp. Well, if you are troubled by the feature and want to disable the read receipt feature then follow these steps: Download WhatsApp.apk from the Official WhatsApp website. (You will get the latest version that are not yet released on the Play Store) Install … Continue reading [WhatsApp]: Disable Read Receipts

[Android] Unable to send images after recent WhatApp Update

Hola amigos and WhatsApp users 😉 , Android users constantly keep getting updates for almost all the applications in a matter of few weeks, months or even days. WhatsApp being one among them, and which expires after a few versions if you don't update to the latest. This is not the issue with iPhone users … Continue reading [Android] Unable to send images after recent WhatApp Update