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It’s me, Jackson Isaac again, posting about the main Event ‘Firefox OS mini App Days’ organized by FOSS@Amrita.

The event was scheduled from 8AM to 8PM, in the Cad Lab on the 2nd floor. Everyone registered themselves at the front desk and moved on to the event location. Our event started with formal prayer and the lamp lighting by Biju Swamiji and the Mozilla reps – Naresh, Saurabh and Midhun.

Mithun and Naresh gave a brief introduction to Firefox OS, and then the hackathon started by around 1030 hours.

We had tea and biscuits and then after that everyone got busy in making their app as productive as and cool as possible. I thought of porting java applet but I found out that Java is not supported in Firefox OS. So I started working on an all-in-one-calculator-converter as I thought it would be great if all the essential tools come handy in a single application.

I tried using jQuery but later I found out that it was conflicting with other codes. I had to rewrite the whole code from scratch and Saurabh helped me through the coding a lot and the Mozilla Reps were helping out everyone to create cool apps. And most of them were not that good with Html, JS, and CSS but the Moz Reps and the organizers Tony and Tina and other members of foss@amrita helped the participants a lot.

At the end of the day, everyone had created a cool and fully functional app.

Outside participants had to leave early as they had to travel far, but they were able to create some awesome apps by that time, and everyone had the chance to showcase their app on the projector screen.

Finally it was time to announce the winner and it went to Pooja Prakash for her awesome personal diary. And also she won a cool Firefox App days t-shirt. No one left the event empty handed though, everyone got some cool goodies from mozilla 🙂

And also there was a EEE guy with us who made a great Zodiac sign app inspite of not knowing much about HTML, JS or CSS, it was great to see people from outside CS department are also interested in computer science 🙂

Some Cool Apps that were made during the Hackathon:

  1. A snake game, which was really impressing
  2. A zodiac App
  3. A sudoku app
  4. A cute personal diary
  5. An all purpose converter + calculator
  6. A Flip Flop game

“Live Free, Code Hard…!”


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