TopCoder is a portal for coders/programmers preparing for competitions like ACM ICPC,etc.

TopCoder Registration.

After registering you need to download the TopCoder applet.

TopCoder Applet.

Click on TCHS logo to download the applet. And select Run/Install.

Download and Install TopCoder applet.
Download and Install TopCoder applet.

After Download is complete, open the ‘ContestAppletProd.jnlp’ file from the Download location. Now you will see the TopCoder portal, where you have to Login with your username and password. Ignore the connection option/proxy/AutoDirect.

TopCoder Login Portal
TopCoder Login Portal

Now you can see the arena.

TopCoder arena
TopCoder arena

Now Select Practice Rooms on the menu bar OR simply press ‘Alt’+’P’.

Select SRMs, and go to any option and select a room.

Here you can see DIV 1 and DIV 2 beside the problem numbers.

DIV1 means the problems will be difficult than the DIV2 problems.

There are again 3 sub divisions inside each room, problems listed as 250 points, 500 points and 1000 points.

DIV1 250 point problem difficulty is similar to DIV2 500 point problem, and similarly DIV1 500 point problem similar to DIV2 1000 point problem.

Beginners should start by solving only DIV2 250 problems, and later when we are confident enough, we can move to DIV2 500 problems and moving forward.

Inside SRM room
Inside SRM room

“Live Free, Code Hard…!”


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