[GSoC 2015] Week 1: Create libsolv bindings for Tcl

Hola amigos, 1stWeek: 25stMay, 2015 - 31stMay, 2015 Now we are into the coding phase of GSoC 2015. First we finished going through the pysolv, python bindings of libsolv which helped us a lot to understand what all stuff libsolv can do for us. We had to find a way for the libsolv to work … Continue reading [GSoC 2015] Week 1: Create libsolv bindings for Tcl


[GSoC 2015] Community Bonding

Hola amigos, Google Summer of Code results were announced on 27th April, 2015 and I was one of the selected students. After the results the "Community Bonding" period starts till 25th May, 2015. What is Community Bonding? In Community Bonding, we get to know more about the project, mentor(s), other developers, etc. It is a … Continue reading [GSoC 2015] Community Bonding

[How To]: Installing Fedora 21

Hola Amigos, Wishing all my Indian Readers a very Happy Republic Day 🙂 \m/ Just got my hand on Fedora 21 Live Workstation iso. A delight for fedora users and a great new year gift 😉 Fedora 21 comes in 3 different editions. 1. Workstation: For desktop and Laptop users. 2. Server: For enterprises having … Continue reading [How To]: Installing Fedora 21

[OSFY]: Improve Python Code by Using a profiler

Hola amigos, I am glad to inform you all that I have successfully published my Second article for 'Open Source For You (OSFY)' magazine, September 2014 Edition, titled 'Improve Python Code by Using a Profiler'. To download and view the article please click on the above link. In this article I have shared about using … Continue reading [OSFY]: Improve Python Code by Using a profiler