[GSoC 2015] Dependency Calculation using libsolv

Hola amigos, Finally, much awaited dependency calculation post is here. First let me give you a general idea on what dependency calculation mean. 1. Recursively calculating Dependencies: Dependency calculation means to calculate the dependent packages of a software e.g., A depends on B, C, D to work. So we will need all the 3 packages … Continue reading [GSoC 2015] Dependency Calculation using libsolv


[GSoC 2015] Dependency calculation using libsolv

नमस्ते After the Mid-Term Evaluations I started working on dependency calculation module. I added a procedure mportinstall in macports.tcl file which in turn calls dep_calc procedure in macports_libsolv.tcl. There was already a mportexec procedure which was called by port.tcl and the dependency calculation and conflict resolution was handled by mportexec. So we modified port.tcl to … Continue reading [GSoC 2015] Dependency calculation using libsolv

[GSoC 2015] Mid-Term Evaluations

Hola Amigos, I was at FUDCon 2015, Pune from 25th June to 28th June, 2015. At the same time, GSoC 2015 Mid Term evaluations was scheduled which I successfully passed :). My mentor, neverpanic, was really helpful and we did schedule our timeline accordingly. We finished up implementing search using libsolv and successfully set up … Continue reading [GSoC 2015] Mid-Term Evaluations