I was introduced to Supervised learning algorithm in around 2015, when I was working on my Bachelor’s thesis and have ever since working in Data Science field and learning more about Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

It has been quite an interesting journey, lot of literature to read, great work happening around the world.

Siraj Raval, a well known Youtuber, has been teaching about machine learning and discussing other cool topics like Blockchain, using a really creative and visual manner, through a 5-10 minutes video. This makes it really easy to learn about the topic and better understand the underlying concepts.

He started the #100DaysOfMLCode (Challenge/movement/pledge) hashtag on Twitter to motivate people to spend at least an hour daily for the next 100 days to learn and work on machine learning problems. One can create a github repo to log their work, write blogpost and/or share updates on social media daily.

This challenge will help one to be on track, monitor their contribution towards a common goal – to solve real world problems for e.g., predicting probability of a disease outbreak, fraud detection, etc. Through this, We hope to make life easy and better for many people around the world with the help of Machine Learning.

To learn more about #100DaysOfMLCode, visit [1].

This challenge ends on 31st Decemeber 2018.

1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuQMBj1cWPo


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