Hola Amigos,

I noticed Blue colored double ticks today (6 November, 2014) ✓✓ (thought it is something special from WhatsApp on my birthday). Then I realized it is something that WhatsApp have been working on from sometime now.

The regular double mark has been reason of lot of problems, fights and breakups (noted by a blog post) 😛 as one cannot make out if the message is delivered only or actually been read too by the recipient and not been replied back.

Just now saw a post on Facebook that this too will be a reason for broken friendships and relations as now we can actually see if the person has seen the message and just ignored it :P.

There will be always two sides for everything (good and a bad). Well atleast now we can know for sure if the recipient has checked the message or not.

Let the Windows be open, and feel the Freedom.


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