[WhatsApp]: Disable Read Receipts

Hola amigos, I had previously posted about the Blue ticks in WhatsApp. Well, if you are troubled by the feature and want to disable the read receipt feature then follow these steps: Download WhatsApp.apk from the Official WhatsApp website. (You will get the latest version that are not yet released on the Play Store) Install … Continue reading [WhatsApp]: Disable Read Receipts

[WhatsApp]: Blue Ticks on actual Message Read

Hola Amigos, I noticed Blue colored double ticks today (6 November, 2014) ✓✓ (thought it is something special from WhatsApp on my birthday). Then I realized it is something that WhatsApp have been working on from sometime now. The regular double mark has been reason of lot of problems, fights and breakups (noted by a … Continue reading [WhatsApp]: Blue Ticks on actual Message Read