3 February, 2010: Last day of School Life. It was the last day we were in school, well not actually, we had to go back to school for registering for Board Exams and taking mark-sheet followed by a number of other formalities. There was a mix of emotions – happiness, sorrow, and some were even crying as it was the last day we all would come together.

We were done with everyday getting up and getting ready in a hurry, I used to do all these things in less than 15 minutes, difficult but not impossible. But the School bus had to wait up extra time as I used to always get late, sometimes had to run behind the bus :P.

Farewell function started at around 1030 hrs and everyone met outside the school gate and we entered like “WolfPack” in Hangover. It was all dark inside and everyone was seated and then the lights focused on the stage and the juniors performed for us. Dance, Music, everything was there.

And this was the only day we were all suited up and all the girls in Saree with full of “makeup”. Well everyone wanted to look their best on the last day of school. Well it was lunch time and maybe all had some delicious food in mind but it was opposite of what we had imagined. Some dishes were good, but Chinese dish which all loves were not so good with lots of salt and it was all cold. Some of the people enjoyed eating a lot as we call them “Bhukad” in Hindi. Me and my friends had a great time.

Everyone was busy clicking photos, and eating and messing around. We all were all around playing football with water bottle or the coconut shells and anything that our foot came across.Farewell '10

This was my class X F of “YHS“. And I am at the center with the Spiky hair trying my best to be tall :P. Not all are in the image. Many were busy in their lunch and roaming around.

Everyone enjoyed the day a lot, in the end we were all going to complete school and in no time we all would be in college. It was all like living a dream.
After the farewell getting over around 1600 hrs. Some left for home and me and my gang too left for our so-called “2nd home” – ‘Oberoi Mall’ which was 10 minutes walking from our school where we use to hang out whenever free. We all went there and took the lift and went to the Top ‘3rd’ floor and entered Fun City. One of us had the Fun City card, we bought some credits and our journey of fun and masti began. We were are in suits playing games like SuberBike on the miniature of bike going nuts on the road crashing and speeding but soon the game was over. We played football where we have to kick real balls on to the projected screen inorder to score a goal. Then after messing around we saw a punching game and we all tried our hands on it and gave our best punch. at one moment we thought that the punching bag would go all up inside the machine and destroy it. But luckily nothing happened like this but was likely to happen. Then we cashed out our points and took few crazy balls and started playing in the corridor of the mall. One of my friend missed a catch and the ball fell from the top to the ground floor and we all took the escalators and went to the ground floor ASAP and we tried to keep our eyes on the trail of the ball. We searched around but the ball was nowhere to be found, maybe someone took it. Luckily we had spare balls left with us and we continued our mischief. We went to the top food-court and had ice-cream from McDonald’s. And as we were talking and fooling around there was some fight between two of my friends and I actually seen a guy smashing a cold ice-cream in someone’s face. We all burst into laughter, don’t worry there was no punching or anything like that.

Note: All the memories live in our minds, not images. We took images from whatever we got our hands on – VGA cameras to digicams.


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