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Most of my posts were about Open Source and technology related, but recently I got my hands on the most recent Fifa 15: Demo. In this post I am going to share my experience and tell you about what differences I found in Fifa 15 over Fifa 14.

Reference: http://www.ps4fans.net
Fifa 15

The graphics is lot better than what Fifa 14 had. The gameplay and ball control is just awesome and realistic. The player movements still seem artificial.

Gameplay of Fifa 15: Demo: (more would be added after release of Fifa 15: ultimate edition)

Ref: https://eaassets-a.akamaihd.net
Fifa 15 Graphics

1) The Intro video is just amazing with life-like graphics and it feels like you are watching live telecast of the match. You can even see ‘EA HD Live’ on top right corner.

2) Match trailer (wait on the home screen for some time when it asks to ‘Press Start’) is just amazing.
The grass looks like it is real and you can actually get that feeling like standing on the grass in the middle of the stadium.

3) Liverpool vs Man City (Barclay’s PL final)starts immediately and you are Liverpool and have to save the title and emerge as the winner.

4) *Hint* Watch the match intro completely, the team would line up together and match would start just like a real match.
All the cameramen would line up in the front and the players as well as the crowd would be focused from different angles (If you skip the video, you would miss out the player radar at the bottom).

5) Referee would bring the ball and place it at the center for the kickoff.

6) You can End match and select another team; only few clubs are available in demo.

7) Goalkeeper mechanism has been improved a lot and he actually saves the goal and moves from its place.

Ref: http://www.easports.com/
Fifa 15 Goalkeeper

Even the defenders would clear the ball and try to avoid ball from going for a corner or throw in. (I really like the AI that the players have).

8) While playing in Legendary mode, it really feels like playing with the real players. Creation of opportunities, ball control and assist is very good for a CPU.

9) If you win with Liverpool you can see a grand ceremony at the end.
Man city players would be sad (They would be lying on the ground and holding their heads in defeat) and Liverpool players would come together and celebrate (Players hug each other and they would run and slide on the ground). There were sparkles everywhere and the crowd went crazy.
The officials will be giving the trophy and camera would be flashing from everywhere.

Ref: http://media1.gameinformer.com
Fifa 15 Emotions

10) Then the match highlights would begin. The crowd reaction has been improved a lot. You can notice different crowd reactions while a player scores or the team misses a goal or the goalkeeper saves an important ball.

11) Two new Player Mentality have been added (All out Attack and Defence).

12) We can view Match Highlights (Goals, Saves and other events in the match) after the match ends.

13) Fifa 15 has an all new interface to manage the team and formations.

14) Player performance and ratings view have also been revamped and given a new look.


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