As we all know how the mess food tastes…most of us prefer outside food. Many go to Karunagapally which is half an hour by bus and also there is bus problem while coming back, you miss the 8 clock bus and instead of Rs.10 ticket you need to shell out around Rs.160 and come by auto, and if in group then it’s somewhat reasonable. Or there is a 9.40 bus but the problem is you need to wait for a long time and also the hostel gates will ne closed and also attendance will be missed. The reason for this maybe better/non veg. food for once in a week, or maybe regular, which would be too expensive, and also due to the hygienic and quality problem in nearby hotels, that’s what they call it (for namesake).
I have also heard some shops put the left-over back, and serve it to the customers, which is the worst review for any shop, but still people go and eat there.
And then there came a new hotel, GreenPark, new, shiny, somewhat better looking than the other shops, and most important thing nearby to our hostel and college campus šŸ™‚

31/1/2013: Vijay: hey, there is a new hotel coming up near campus, opening tomorrow.

Jackson: okay, will try it out tomorrow šŸ™‚

1/2/13: *Lunch time*

Very bored to walk till there, so decided to go to nearby small shop, where we get Fish fry and fish curry meals, and also vegetable and Papadam :). Many friends went there, so i thought maybe we should ask them about their review on it and go.

2/2/13: So it’s another day, and it’s Saturday. During lunch, dropped the idea of going out as it was too hot. So decided that tonight will go to Greenpark, and also plan is finalized . After tea and snacks at 5.30 coming back to room, all the guys going to Greenpark. I ask them,”Dude, Where are you all going so early”, Everyone replied ,”Greenpark”. What was the reason for this? The answer to this was when we went there.
I thought will go after some time, will atleast get some place to seat and told my friends who already went to reserve a seat for me.

We reached Greenpark ASAP, it was nearly full, got a seat, then the Tragic happened :P.

The waiter was roaming here and there, we called him many times. He said ,”One minute”, that one minute was equal to ‘not today’ maybe :P.

We had to go to them and request them to take order, Ah! What a service people need to go behind waiters to give the Order. We were very angry and hungry too (This too rhymes nice together, but if not satisfied can cause harm :P). Atlast after one hour we placed our order, it was already time for our mess, *Thinking* What’s the use of coming here and wasting time, atleast would have studied for some time and have dinner from mess and go back early.

But thought of waiting for some time, maybe it will take max. 15-20 minutes, but that was like 2 hours more. We went mad, thinking of taking down the restaurant, but atlast called the owner and told him that WTF service is this, In whole life and anywhere no one would have waited for such a long time. Pizza also is delivered in atmost 30 minutes, or else free. But here maybe they should pay us for waiting so long.

Everyone had left the place, some went without eating and some went eating only few dishes. When it was already 9.30, the waiter is telling at the kitchen ,” 2 Chicken Fried Rice”, we were like WTF, he’s giving the order now! We were to angry but thought now where will we go, and also the order we gave was all over. There was nothing left, only some dishes were left. We told them ,”Whatever is there you keep on the table and just go out of our sight”. We jumped on the food like Tiger attacking a prey in the Jungle, And to say the food was really nice, Thanks to the cooks from North :). It was past out hostel curfew, And the warden would not open the door till 10.30 PM, Until the attendance is done. We called him and told him about the situation, he said that it’s fine but doors will only open at 10.30 PM, We ate all the food in shortest time possible and paid the bill (which they didn’t deserved) and ran towards hostel.

Thank God it was Saturday and the gates were open, and it was only 10.00 PM, and warden will only reach the 4th Floor after 10.00 PM. We ran up into our rooms, and Alas! warden hadn’t come yet. This is how our 3 hour journey for food that we didn’t wait and never wish to go again there ended. But now they have changed all the staff, And fired that waiter :), And the service is fine now and we can get the food on time, maybe will go there sometime again.


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