[OSFY]: Improve Python Code by Using a profiler

Hola amigos, I am glad to inform you all that I have successfully published my Second article for 'Open Source For You (OSFY)' magazine, September 2014 Edition, titled 'Improve Python Code by Using a Profiler'. To download and view the article please click on the above link. In this article I have shared about using … Continue reading [OSFY]: Improve Python Code by Using a profiler

using line_profiler with python

This post will help you to use line_profiler for python (2.5.x) as well as python3 (python 3.x) line_profiler will help you to profile the time taken to execute each individual lines of code. The profiler is implemented in C via Cython, an optimizing static compiler for Python programming language as well as Cython programming language … Continue reading using line_profiler with python